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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About


Are you a cautious person? Do you like to have a back-up plan?

Do you keep a torch or candles somewhere easy to reach in case of a power cut? Do you carry a map in case your sat-nav dies? How about a pocket charger in case your phone runs out of battery? Have you ever ticked that little box insuring your possessions against damage, fire or theft?

Did you know there’s a term for this – it’s called Continuity Management.

There are two types of people in the world – those who plan for the worst and those who refuse to plan. But the facts are sometimes things do go wrong. Disasters DO happen. No matter how much we might ‘wish’ they didn’t.

Continuity Management is all about the WHAT IF? Business Continuity Management is all about assessing what COULD go wrong (on a really bad day in your business) – and how you protect against it.

A responsible business owner tries to cover all bases, including insuring against certain risks, like flood, fire, theft, cybercrime, or breaches in current legislation you might unwittingly commit.

However, insurance can only cover a cost or replace certain physical items or losses. It certainly can’t compensate for the stress, inconvenience or lost business due to power outage, broken computers, hacked servers or vengeful ex-employees. And it definitely can’t rebuild your reputation once you’ve let down your customers.

Business Continuity Management creates a plan specifically for YOUR business, examining each area for potential threats and then creating a process to follow should the worst happen, mitigating the worst of the impact. It will save you time, money and worry – as well as protecting the reputation of your business during an already difficult time.

Artemis specialise in creating Business Continuity plans for both large and small companies, giving you peace of mind that your business can handle whatever unexpected situation might arise next, with minimal disruption.

Let us help you put a plan in place before you really need it. Honestly, can you afford NOT to call us?