How would you cope if your computers crashed, or a key employee suddenly went sick or, worst case, you suffered a critical security breach?

At times of crisis, you need a structured plan – a disaster recovery protocol. And not just one – most businesses need several, to handle any possible problems which might arise in the future. 

And they need to be good – the worst time to discover you’ve missed a critical step is when you’re already in the middle of chaos.

In order to do this effectively, it is necessary to understand the potential risk and disruption to your business that can occur at any time. Even if you are vigilant in your own business, are you 100% confident that your suppliers and service providers are doing the same? 

This is where Business Continuity Management is essential. At Artemis, we specialise in analysing, designing and managing all aspects of Business Continuity Management, and can create the processes you need to put in place. BCM allows you to calmly deal with business-critical incidents in a timely and structured manner, ensuring minimal losses during a difficult time. 

No matter how large or small your company, having a structured plan and set of rules to follow in the event of an incident is critical. More importantly, under the GDPR regulations (article 32 Security of Processing), it is necessary to show that you have taken all steps to secure client data. BCM is a major part of that process.

Insider Threat Detection

Help finding and mitigating the weak points in your business

Complete Cover

Complete Design and management to cover all potential threats and risk

Audit & IT Compliance

Complies with GDPR regulations for security of data

Suits Your Needs

Managed or Advisory service

Artemis Solutions

At Artemis, we offer two types of BCM.

Fully Managed Service and Advised Service

Fully Managed Service

We review your business structure, dependencies on technologies, people or services and then map out what happens if. This gives us the basis for a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Once we have created the map, we can then look at what options you have in the event of individual items or multiple items failing. This could be as simple as a broken window or weather stopping staff attending the office or as complicated as a complete outage of networks and hardware or communications failure. Each scenario will be carefully analysed and developed into a Disaster Recovery Protocol (DRP). Normally made to be a clickable exercise, your DRP’s will allow you to calmly search for the type of incident, then click the pre-defined and tested rules to mitigate the situation.

Advised Service

Following the same rules as the fully managed service, our advised service lets us assist you and your teams to design and build the BCP & DRP’s. Our technical knowledge and advice will ensure you cover all aspects required for the regulatory and business critical scenarios.The Artemis team has years of experience in creating & managing business continuity in some of the harshest environments around the globe.

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