There are two big problems with common insurance software.

Firstly, ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions often don’t do what you need them to do. Alternatively, bespoke systems can be lengthy and expensive to develop.


CiGMA is a modular, cloud-based insurance software system that allows us to create a solution perfect for your business requirements in a rapid timeframe, using your own branding and internal processes.

Developed with the insurance and financial industries in mind, CiGMA has a standardised way of interacting with both clients and users, meaning you’ll never have to worry about regulatory compliance issues again.

All sales teams, brokers, underwriters and management can log in from a website or a mobile device and check, approve and monitor client records and quotes. All changes to each client record are fully recorded and tracked.

Online quote and application forms can be created exactly to your specifications and changed over time as your business grows.

CiGMA has now sailed through many high-level compliance audits without any issues – the system stays completely up to date with the latest requirements.

Cloud-based Truly Adaptable Solution

No need for IT people having to install software on your computers or iPads. Everything can be accessed through a secure web browser or mobile app. Fully managed solution- no IT skills needed and full training provided.

Role-Based User Access

Each user can be assigned roles, whether sales, underwriter, auditors, management or others. Menus, screens and features adjust relevant to their role so each person only sees what is required and compliant.

Industry Specific & Increased Productivity

We understand that industry sectors require different tools. That’s why we work with you to design each system specifically for your needs and update them as they change. The automated and semi-automated process within CiGMA has proven to increase productivity by at least 30%.

Reliable and Secure

We only trust your data to the most reliable and secure servers, so use Azure or AWS enterprise platforms for all clients. Our SLAs guarantee 99.75% uptime and we work hard to secure and backup your data to cover any event.

Artemis Solutions

1. Analysis

This is the Artemis analysis of your requirements

2. UI-UX Design

Create an interactive functional prototype of the wireframe to see if the planned functionality works effectively

3. Implementation

Development of the system with manageable sprint deliverables

4. Testing

Internal testing before release to sandbox environment for user acceptance testing

5. Deployment

Deployment to a live environment and additional UAT

Truly Bespoke CRM & Policy Management Solution

No businesses are exactly the same

Just for you

Although the tools in CiGMA were designed with insurance in mind, you don’t need to be in that sector to enjoy all the benefits. We can adapt the software specifically for your needs – just tell us how you want it.

Real support

Companies can spend thousands on consultation fees when setting up an Insurance Software Solution. With CiGMA, you eliminate the middle man. Nobody knows our product better than we do, and we want to share that knowledge with you. We offer training for all staff to ensure everyone gets the most out of their new system.

Improved lead pursuits

CiGMA provides a flexible, inclusive platform to communicate with all leads. Providing template Emails, Email inbound/ outbound and SMS integration. Developing stronger customer relationships has been streamlined.

Designed for the Financial and Insurance Industries

Seamless Customer, Broker, Underwriter & Insurer Communication

Customer Journey

  1. Customer visits your website and completes online application form.
  2. CiGMA server validates the application, the client online portal is created and you are notified of the new application.
  3. The system can be set to either automatically quote, approve or decline, or semi-automatically generate quotations and documents, but not send live without internal approval.
  4. Customer can log in to their online portal at any time to see the status of any application, digitally sign the quotation and download documents. If any changes or claims are made in the future, their online account instantly updates.


Broker logs into the system and instantly sees a time-sorted list of all client applications. If automatic quotation has not been selected, then the broker can review the case and confirm the generated quote. If the record must go to the Underwriter to quote or on cover, then they can be immediately notified in one simple click.

Underwriter & Insurer

The Underwriter logs into the system and can see the time-sorted list of quotes. The underwriter can then click to instantly confirm the order, add conditions or review cases. The automated and semi-automated process within CiGMA has proven to increase productivity by at least 30%. We created a single system for a complete Client to Underwriter process.

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Artemis Solutions