Single source of customer Intelligence

The executives’ challenge is creating a single view of customer engagement.

When companies fail to meet customer expectations – which happens all too often – insufficient access to customer data is usually to blame.

Only 13 percent of 680 executives who responded to a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey had a single source of customer intelligence capable of integrating everything -such as social data, support calls, and sales and service partners involved – into a single view. But don’t take that low number to mean lack of interest in a single source solution – 58 per cent of respondents were either actively developing a solution to the problem (30 per cent) or evaluating an alternative (28 per cent). Many of these executives believe that creating a single view of customer engagement is one of the biggest challenges they face, and they are turning to IT and outside experts for help.

New tools, new challenges

The challenge to creating a single-source solution isn’t the data itself; it’s where the data lives and how it’s processed. From mobile devices to legacy databases, and web storefronts, there’s no shortage of integration challenges. Finding the talent to create digitized connections can be difficult when new products bloom daily.

“The proliferation of new technologies means that it’s becoming harder and harder to access expertise in these platforms, and there is often significant competition in the market for staff and even vendor resources to assist,” the chief customer officer of a major institutional investment and benefits provider said. “Forming partnerships with vendors and consultants has been our initial strategy to deal with the skills shortage, with a strategy to grow more internal talent over time.

His view is more common than you might think. As the digital skills gap continues to widen, it has become a key problem for executives that want to enable a single view of the customer.

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